Taokaka "Tao-Tao".

Taokaka "Tao-Tao".

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Name: Taokaka.

Wrestling name: "Tao-Tao" Queen of the feline's.

Gender: Female.

Age: 18. (Taokaka: Nyaaa I've grown a wittle!)

Eyes: Sinister but cute red.

Hair: Blond with bowed braids.

Height: 165cm (5'5").

Weight: 42kg (92.6 lbs).

Nation: Unknown parts of Lost Town, not on the map. But is currently taking home at the Chibi Neko. (Taokaka: Keep it that way meww.)

Alignment: Unknown.

Occupation: Catgirl and ass kicker. Basically unemployed. (Taokaka: Jobs are boringgggggg... -w-)

Entry theme: Cactus Carnival. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZGSdCc1jyY.

Taokaka~"Myewwww what is this place? dark room? b bad people?! *catches sight*......ohhhh, time to make You, my scratching post and litter tray nyaaa!!!" *slashes camera*


Taokaka: "Mewwww, remember my beauty shot Mr photographer!"

Taokaka: "Slash you up!"

Taokaka: "Beachy body timeee~"

Taokaka: "Nyaaaaaa, sexay kitteh meee, miauuuuuw~"

Taokaka: "Nyeww, cuter than you!!! mewwww."

Taokaka: "Nyehhhhh....I didn't steal, not now, not ever! promise!"

Taokaka: "Mine......FOREVER!"

Fighter type: Primal instinct and quick attacks.

Combat Style: Relying heavy on her feline style of attacking, Tao will use her quick wits and pouncing methods, to bring down her opponents quickly, rather than taking time to observe then attack them. Where her brightness dims, her skills in battle shine with many, over the top and ridiculous moves, such as paw punching frenzy's, or a sinister looking claw scratching. Making her one unpredictable cat, to mess with in a fight. Her lightning quick speed also, makes her a bad kitty to get hold of, sometimes dazing out her opponents with her skills while giggling at them, or sometimes going for a lick (for the males) or nuzzle in female opponents "boobie's".

(Taokaka: Steam buns you idiot head! STEAM BUNssssss and meat bunssss... -w- *dreams*)

Strength:★ ★
Defense:★ ★ ★ ★
Endurance:★ ★ ★
Speed:★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Technique:★ ★ ★

Strikes:★ ★
Submissions:★ ★
Powerhouse:★ ★ ★
Aerial:★ ★ ★ ★
Counters:★ ★ ★ ★

Signature moves:

1.(Slashy Slashy!). Using her oversized claws, Tao will sometimes slice at her opponent, not injuring them too much but enough to make them fall down in pain. Overall, she finds blood quite the pretty sight, which matches her eyes and Christmas in her thoughts.

2.(Boobie glomp). Circling her opponent fast, tao will daze them into a state of blurred vision, then will tap them on the shoulder childishly. Giving her time to pounce on them and nuzzle their chests with her face, saying "kitty got the milkie's!" as she goes for the kill.

3.(Imma beat the crap outta ya!). Basically using her opponents face as a pummel bag, using her paws up in the air, to rearrange the opponents face into a daze of both adoring thoughts and unrelenting pain.


1.(Tao hugz you naow). Grabbing her opponents dizzy head with her pawwed hands, Tao will spin them in a spinning top motion towards the ropes at ridiculous speed, and squeeze the life out of them when they come back to her. (Taokaka: Nyaaa, every loser deserve's a nap sometime! ^w^)

2.(A real bleeder). Possibly one of Tao's most violent moves, where she sits on her opponents stomach, and glares down at them with her two red eyes. Raising her right paw with a claw extended, and continues to slash them with it across their face, while she writes "Tao was ere" with the blood from their face.

Leaving it almost permanent.

Personality: A very, happy go lucky catgirl, who has a mind of a cat than a fierce warrior. But despite her lacking intelligence to most complex things, and stubborn ways to "bad people", Taokaka is generally cute at heart, only accepting those to her who give her a treat or nice snack to be a nice kitty. Which doesn't mean she is afraid to bring out the claws when she feels. Relying on her feline aura, Tao is plain lazy and quite the user to get her prize, meaning, she would be quite happy to steal sometimes than asking nicely.

But many can't resist the cute kitty known as Taokaka. (Taokaka: Nyaa nobody and nopey nope! ^w^)

Story: Little is known why little Taokaka took a portal to Earth, boredom? too many rules? or simply on the search for more steam buns? whatever her thoughts were, she scurried along to Earth after hearing of its many, wonderful things on offer. Especially in humans. Having permission to go on a search for more worlds by the Kaka elder, Tao dragged her hands across the floor, quite annoyed that she was not given any "free time" to have a snooze, or go and glomp/nuzzle Miss Litchi in a rude but cute manner.

That was until she came across a strange portal deep in the Kaka clan's archive's, poking it with her claw as a massive grin came to her face, "a giant planet fishbowl huh? yummmm, I bet there will be plenty of fishie's there for me to stalk..." tao thought excitedly, when her thoughts were taking a turn for the worst, or best to her. Jumping into the portal, Tao left to the mysterious planet of Earth without following her elder's orders. Rubbing her two red eyes as she woke up in the comfort of a garbage waste bin, Tao looked around and gave the new air a sniff, it was obvious she was far from home, and was liking the look of the place by seeing towering skyscrapers, and adoring on goer's who awwed at her adorable look.

"Nyewww, this place is very....nyew....food....excitement and......" Taokaka suddenly looked at the illuminating AFW logo on a billboard while hearing the roars of crowds, "fighting people!" from there on, Tao was enjoying this new world from now on. Surrounded by the things she loved and adored, food, steam buns, female's with massive chests, and warm beds to snooze in lazily, kinda the thing she dreamed of as she was taken in by Elena Nibbles, having seen the strange catgirl snoozing on the pavement in the rain. Fed and bedded by Elena at the cafe, the cute catgirl did a lot of sniffing round the cafe, mainly in customer's foods, or taking a nice nap on people's laps, as well as being a good fighter of any thugs who tried to rob the shop. From there on and out, Tao's aspirations sky rocketed at discovering the capital of Tokyo more, along with fighting, she is now let loose on the city to do what she pleases...and not listening to anyone that says otherwise.

It is also rumoured, that the AFW board of directors, were interested in her fighting ability and playful adorable nature while having a meal at the cafe. Being bribed in with much fish and steam buns, Taokaka accepted the contract, and became apart of the AFW "Fur n Feathers" roster. But taming the kitty, doesn't mean she would play nice...

(Taokaka: Dun dun dunnnnn....Cheezburger! ^W^)

Attire: (Pic 1) A yellow long coat and hood, long arms and booted feet.

In the ring: (Same as pic 1).

Everyday: Always around causing mischief in the Neko, or getting stroked by busty women at late night clubs. (Taokaka: Don't tell Elena? k?! plus they're steam buns are comfy... -w-)

Fun fact:
-Responds to people in nya's and nickname's, so be careful on what you say to the puss.

-Plain lazy, but think's it as being cute and a good strength on getting treats from people.

-Misses boobie lady Litchi, but has found many and many, boobie ladies here. In which sometimes gets her into trouble with Elena, by wandering around, the adult entertainment "explicit" district of the Tokyo streets.

-Adore's glomping nice people, but biting the bad looking people.

-Cutest of all, Tao loves Christmas, still not knowing whether Santa will come this year and next year etc.

-Doesn't know why people, or humans, freak out about being embarrassed.

-Nobody has ever took her hood off, only to have themselves scratched out and bleeding. Shyness perhaps? or is she keeping it a mystery?

-Her weight she cares less about, for her jumpy and off the wall nature, provides her a hell of a workout to get rid of any signs of fat on her body.

-Has a little band of homeless street cats, called the "Tao-Tao's", often trying to speak to them or stalk birds.

-A real slob cat around the house.

-Loves a good belly rub, or afternoon bedtime story if the person is nice enough for her.

-Can be very violent and childish in a full on fight.

-Hates taking a bath, even when Elena drags her away from the couch, or local bakery.

Likes: Steam buns, meat buns, taking afternoon naps, female teachers, people with big breasts, huge fishie's, going to the aquarium, playing tricks on Elena, watching people fight on tv, getting her belly rubbed, sleeping on warm comfy laps, peering up skirts, fresh milk, cartoons, other cats and Neko's.

Dislikes: Being tricked, losing, being beaten up, Elena spanking her butt, dogs, bad people, evil stuff, goody two shoes, stupid people.


(Ongoing). Minako's birthday. http://afwrpg.informe.com/forum/post175553.html?hilit=minako's%20birthday#p175553



Elena Nibbles (carer). (Taokaka: Mousey girl head!)




Relationships/connections etc:

-Elena Nibbles.
Her carer and owner, but despite being a pet for Elena, Tao still finds her as a opportunity to cause some fun here and there.

"Tao-Tao gonna redecorate your face nyewwww!!!"

"Nya, got any steam buns on offer?"


"Rub my belly pweeeease? mew..."

"Whats a strip?"

"My claws look very shiny today!"

"Your just jealous because I'm more, beautifullllll... *poses*"

"Nyaaaa, your steam buns are too small! go home and grow your steam buns!"

"Shake it baby nya!"

"You dead!"

"Boing, boingggg..."

"Wrap you up for Christmas! now where misteltoeeee nyaaa?"

"I f found boobie lady! they are just like the boobie lady's!"

"Get back in the kitchen and make me some meat buns! *giggles*"

"Sha...hooyah! You're already dead! Ha-nyaaaa! Huh?"

(leaned over her beaten opponent, wagging her tail:) "K.Ooooooo-owch!!!, but nyaaaa? are you sleeping nyewwww? nap time always a good time nyaaaaa..."
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