Valley Doll

Valley Doll

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Real Name: Valerie Dolores-Castle Wells Jr.
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5”9’
Weight: 138 lbs
Nationality: United States of America
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Ain't Talking 'Bout Love by Van Halen

Wrestling Information

Strategy: An experienced wrestler, Valerie draws on her history as a cheerleader, and prefers high-flying, agile attacks, along with kicks - it’s fairly rare to see both her feet on the ground for any amount of time. She also has an impressive grasp of submission moves.
Style: High-Flying
Type: Fundamentalist

Preferred Attacks: Aeriel, Submission Moves, Kicks

Preferred Matches: Typically goes for standard, but is interested in trying out new kinds.

Endurance:★★★ - Years of wrestling have given her a good well of energy to tap.
Strength:★★ - Though not weak, she doesn't have much overall strength.
Speed:★★★★ - Very quick and agile, with great flexibility.
Defense:★★★ - Prefers to dodge and evade attacks, rather than taking them head on.
Technique:★★★★★ - Most people are surprised to learn she's never taken martial arts. Experience has honed her skills.


Strikes: ★★★★ - Uses power and quick kicks to hammer foes and pour on pressure.
Submissions: ★★★ - Well-versed in submission holds. Not her first choice, but she can and will use them.
Powerhouse: ★★ - Fairly low on upperbody strength, but can toss around women her own size and weight.
Aerial: ★★★★ - Does very well in the air, quite agile and adept with going high.
Counters: ★★★ - As a vet, she had a good understanding of wrestling moves and can counter them effectively, though it's not her specialty.

Favored moves: Hurricanrana, Missile Drop Kick, Moonsault, Rear Naked Choke, Scissored Armbar

Finishing moves:

Flipping Thunder: Done on a downed opponent. Works similarly to the classic Rolling Thunder, only she does a flip instead of a somersault and gets higher air time on it, making up for her weight difference.

Valley Bomb - When her opponent is standing and dizzied, Valley runs to the ropes, bouces off and comes towards them, then does a cartwheel, flipping through the air beside them. As she passes, she grabs her opponents legs at the right moment while she's upside down, and pulls them along with her, using the momentum to slap them into a powerbomb, of sorts.

Dragonrana: A front flip from the top rope, which lands on on the opponent’s shoulders and goes in to a hurricanrana, and ends in a pin.


Visual Appearance:


Physical Appearance:


Posing with her mother, shortly before she took up the mantle. Will wear this oufit on special occasions


Facing down an old rival.


Not one of her better moments.


One of her better moments.

Personality: Some people often think Valerie is just some dumb blonde starlet, looking to use wrestling as a stepping stone to further her career - a pretty face in a leotard. And while she is certainly a pretty face, and she does wear a leotard, that’s hardly all she is.

Valerie has a genuine love for the sport in all areas, and takes her matches incredibly seriously - for her, it’s an art form, and she demands it be given the proper respect. She respects a good challenge, though she’s not above having a little fun in the ring, every once in a while. In the end, she’s all about putting on a good show for the fans, win or lose.

Outside the ring, she can be a bit of a flirt and a party girl - she loves to have fun, though it's somewhat tempered by age, these days. Growing old bothers her a lot more than she lets on.

Past/History: Born in bright and beautiful Palm Springs, Valeria was born the daughter of famous wrestlerette Valerie Dolores, one of half the Heartbreakers, the Tag Team Champions of Slamazons, a big wrestling league in California. As such, Valerie was engulfed in wrestling culture from an early age, and many expected her to take on her mother’s legacy.

She hated it...or at least, that’s what she told everyone. She didn’t have a rebellious phase, so much as she had a series of different phases - her punk rocker phase, her goth phase, her preppie phase. She resisted it at every turn, for all the good it did her. She tried to move away from it, became a cheerleader, focused on singing, but in the end...she was her mother’s daughter, and the pull was irresistible. She fought it, but she idolized her mother, wanted to be like her heroine. So when the time was right, she joined Slamazons.

She wrestled for a good twelve years, before bad management caused Slamazons to fall. Her family was fine - her mother was retired and sitting on a good bit of money. But Valerie was still eager to build up her own legacy - so she sets her sights on the AFW.

Fun Facts:

-You would think that, being a high flyer and all, she wouldn’t have any problem with would be wrong. She’s, in fact, terrified of heights - she’s only been on a plane once - traveling to Japan, recently - and she’s already calling it the worst three hours of her life.

-Valerie is a closet Star Wars fan. She’s in the closet not because she thinks there’s anything wrong with being a Star Wars fan, but because she thinks people would get freaked out to know how obsessive she is about it. And she’s right. They would.

-For a cheerleader, she’s notoriously bad at dancing without a set routine.

-Is very particular about her breasts. It's silly, yes, but she's often accused of having surgery to get them, and while she's not against the practice, she is against people thinking she's done it - they're real, damn it.

-Very fond of cats. Owns a six-year old tabby, Valentine.

-Absolutely loves 70/80s rock bands. She's into more modern music, too, but she always comes back to the good old stuff - Queen, AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Leppard. Her father was a guitarist from a band called the Pale Riders that had some success in the 80s, and it's a big reason she even exists - her parents met at a concert he was holding to start off a Slamazons show, and she was conceived in the after party.

Championships/Accomplishments: Since she was holding the Slamazons Champion Belt when it went down, she’s technically still and will always be the Slamazons Champ. Not that it’s worth much, but there you go.

Enemies: Amethyst Velour:The first person Valley fought in the AFW, Amethyst has gotten a weird obsession with her...or hurting her, to be more specific. Beat her up in the gym, put her in the hospital for a little while.
Jade Hawk, Gold Lioness: Ganged up on Silver in a match, and Valley had to come down to save her. Valley made fun of them in a promo, which didn't exactly calm things down.
Lu Jiao Jocelyn: Another bitch who hurt Silver Ace, this at the Friction World Cup. Valley kicked her out of the ring and thought that was the end of it...
Allison Watson: ...until this woman came into the picture. She and Jocelyn had a tag match with her and Ace at Summer Slam, in which Valley went overboard in protecting Ace and mauled Jocelyn. When the fight was over, Allison demolished Valley with an atomic drop and pinned poor Ace, skipping out of the ring with Jocelyn right behind. Time remains to be seen whether that's the end of it...
Girlfriend: Silver Ace
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The Life and Times of Valley Doll - Part 1

Postby acuya on Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:32 am

Singles Record: 3-4-0

Tag Team Record: 0-1-0

Back in the Saddle, Again!

1. Valley vs Amethyst - WIN (By Submission)
Valley Doll's first match in the AFW introduces her to a new, special friend - Amethyst Velour. The two have a bitter match, and after nearly killing each other on several occasions, Valley squeaks off with a win. I'm sure that'll be the end of it.
2. Recovery Time
Amethyst pays a visit to Valley in the middle of a late night workout...
3. Facing the Demon
After getting out of the hospital, Valley confronts Amethyst, the one who put her there in the first place.
4.Valley vs. Elena Nibbles - WIN (By Submission)
Valley takes on a significantly smaller and younger opponent in Elena!
5. Never Met a Girl Like You Before
Valley decides to meet her next opponent before the match for a little pre-bout probing.
6. Valley vs. Silver Ace - LOSS (By pinfall)
After their surprisingly intimate meeting, the two meet in the ring for what looks like a tough match.
7. [FWC] Canada vs. Austrailia
Valley's new friend, Ace, suffers a dirty attack from Jocelyn, but Valley rushes in for a save.
8. Lean On Me
In the aftermatch of the brutal beating in the first round of the FWC, Valley takes Ace home and cares for her.
9. Valley Doll vs. Alaina Sanders - WIN (By Submission)
Valley goes up against another newcomer to the brand - Amazon, Alaina Sanders.
10. Valley Doll vs. Chris Morgan - LOSS (By Submission)
Valley takes on a giant - former Wrestle Angel and fellow Californian blonde, Chris Morgan!
11. Bitches, man...bitches
After Ace has a falling out a party with Akashi, she and Valley meet up to talk it over.
12. Jade Hawk vs. Silver Ace
Valley shows up to back her girl against a possible heel attack.
13. Unflattering Imitation
Ace and Valley try to call Jade Hawk and Silver Ace out in a unique way...
14. A So-Cal Workout
Valley meets Alaiana in the gym and has an impromptu training session for her first PPV.
15. Valley Doll and Chris Morgan vs. the IRS
Valley calls on Chris Morgan to help her face down the deadliest enemy she's ever encoutered - the Tax Man
16. Welcome to the Palaestra!
Valley's back in the states for Summer Splash!
17. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Valley's parents show up a little bit early for dinner...
18. Summer Splash '14 - Hawk and Lioness vs. Silver Ace and Valley Doll - LOSS(By Pinfall)
Hawk and Lioness are a no-show, so Lu Jiao Jocelyn and Allison Watson are sent in to take them on, instead. It really, really doesn't go well.
19. Antebellum
After the match, Ace and Valley meet up to discuss what went down and how they move forward...if they move forward at all.
20. Ain't No Sunshine
Valley meets up with Ace at their hotel, and a bad situation becomes exponentially worse.
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The Life and Times of Valley Doll - Part 2

Postby acuya on Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:22 pm

I Don't Care Anymore

21. Sakoku
Akashi, fresh off the Friction World Cup, makes her return to the ring and issues a challenge to America. Valley, being an American and looking for someone to fight after Summer Splash and her breakup with Ace, accepts.
22. Valley vs. Akashi - LOSS (By Submission)
Valley realizes just how bad an idea the previous thing she did was.
23. Pet Peeves
Valley goes to pick up her cat from Chris Morgan, and has a little chit-chat with everyone's favorite giantess.
24. Miss You
Valley meets a fresh young thing in the gym and has a little training session, complete with copious amounts of flirting.
25. Valley vs. Morrigan
Valley tries to break the losing string against another AFW veteran coming back to the ring.
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