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The big butt girls

Postby Rumble_girls on Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:18 pm

I just like to say yes I know this is a little weird and stuff but it is just some of my kinks and a lot of boredom crammed into this profile I hope you enjoy it!

The big butt girls is a title and a story. The story goes something like this. One very cold and silent night, a girl would be laying in her bed looking around for monster, The girl was in her twenty's but she was still quite scared of the dark and monster. As soon as the girl starts to fall asleep she hears aloud bang! Her door was smashed open and she screamed, She quickly turned on the light and looked around for what it was but there was nothing there, She went to the door and looked down the hall, still nothing there but when she turned around there was a huge monster of a women named Jackie the evil jack oh lantern with a rear bigger then all and breasts that would giant! The girl turned around and would run into the door as it was closed! The girl quickly turned back to the monster! "What do you want from me!?" The beast of women just smirked and would touch the girls cheek, "Don't fear hun I am just hear to set every kinky girls fantasy..." The girl looked in confusion ,"What do you mean?" She says? Then with a snap of the monstrous women a bunch of anime and video game girls came out of no wheres and would all have one thing in that was the same, there huge butts! The was still confused and scared,"What does this have to do with my fears!?" The monstrous women just continued to smirk,"Oh did I say your fantasy? Oh no that is only if you beat my women in a match that will begin... now..." Then all the huge butt girls swarmed the poor girl and crushed her with the ten of twenty butts in till she was laying there naked and passed out,"Awww you didn't win I guess you have to come with me..." The monster then consumed the poor girl and turned her into a huge ass minion... So that is the story and it is said the the woman and her huge ass minions are coming to the play... and the only way to beat them is to win a wrestling match of any kind mostly humiliation...

Name: Jackie the evil jack oh lantern
Sex: Female
Age: Since the birth of anime girls
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: unknown but said to be a lot
Nationality: None
Favored moves: any way shape or form to use her ass or weight.

Finishing move: "pumpkin bomb!" she get her opponent on the ground ether her slaves hold them down or they are pass out from the attack but she would jump up or go to the top rope if they are in the ring and squash them under giant ass! Most the girls will be completely covered by her fatty ass and will be almost crushed, This move is most how she gets her opponents to turn into her minions, she absorbs them under her ass and then poof! They are a huge butt anime girl!


And now her very perverted minions... also for favorite moves it is all the same as Jackie because she says so...

Name: Android 18
Sex: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 168 pounds

Finishing move: "18 clutch" Android 18 will slap on a deadly and pain reverse head scissors and will clench in her legs over and over again making the girl go slamming into her ass over and over again and if she uses all her strength to finish them she keep them into her ass till they pass out ps she is not afraid to tease opponents privates while doing this.


Name: Samus
Sex: Female
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 159 pounds

Finishing move: "Leather Hell" Samus will get opponent to a corner and will climb up onto them and will get to the top rope, She then slams down her ass onto there face and will balance while grinding her ass into the there face making sure they get a real good taste of her butt!



Name: Ino Yanamaka
Sex: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Weight: 160 ponds

Finishing move: "The bad girls punishment" When the opponent is laying with there chest to the mat Ino will sit on the back of there head keep them down and will nonstop start spanking the opponent over and over till there bottom is bright red and even then she will still make the bottom sting!



Name: Temari
Sex: Female
Eyes: Blueish green
Hair: blond
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 151 pounds

Finishing move: "Play time" This is more of a cruel thing she does ether after the match or when her opponent is unable to fight back, She will drag the opponent into the corner have them sit down over there and will tie them up with rope if they get naughty, She sticks her rump near there face and tells them to kiss her ass, And for every time they don't she crushes there face with her ass, Also if they never kiss her ass she is known to to humiliate them by ether striping them or playing with them but ether way she gets what she wants.


Name: Hinata Hyuga
Sex: Female
Eyes: Light purple
Hair: Blackish blue
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 176 pounds

Finishing move: "Atomic butt!" Hinata is the most surprising of all the girl because she acts really shy but is the strongest of them all, and with this move it really shows how dirty she is, The move starts off with her running at the opponent and jumping into them with her butt coming right for there face, then while the opponent is getting up she will grab them by the hair and yank there head up her butt using there hair to hold them in and will not let go till almost out of air, also she is not afraid to nasty and fart on there face...



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